Featured Shake - Cherry Bomb

Featured Sundae - S'mores

Vanilla Custard, mini Marshmallows and Kopp's specialty Chocolate are layered between generous portions of Graham Crackers,topped with marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and fun size Hershey Bar.

July 22

Cookies 'N Cream

The creamiest custard with big Oreo® chunks

Heath Bar®

Our own recipe with chunks of Heath Bar®.

July 23

Turtle Sundae

Caramel flavored custard, loaded with pecans and swirls of caramel and fudge

Chocolate Malt

A light chocolate malt flavor with chunks of malted milk balls

July 24

Mint Chip

A mint flavored custard with dark chocolate chunks

Butter Brickle

To an old-fashioned custard flavor of butterscotch, we sprinkle in a crunchy brickle, rich with real butter, brown sugar and almonds

July 25

German Apple Streusel

Imported tart apple flavor with apple pieces and delicious streusel crunchies.

Red Raspberry

A natural raspberry flavor with sweet, tart berries

July 26

Banana Walnut Chocolate Chunk

We use 100% all natural fully-ripened Chiquita brand bananas sprinkled with walnut pieces and giant chocolate chunks


A delightful German dessert; almond flavored custard mingled with yellow cake pieces, honey, Bavarian creme and sliced almonds.

July 27


A natural strawberry flavored custard with sliced strawberries

German Chocolate Cake

A chocolate,caramel flavor with coconut, fudge and walnut pieces

July 28

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough! Made with Hershey's chocolate chips and cookie dough chunks

Rocky Road

Chocolate custard with roasted almonds and mini-marshmallows.

July 29

Mocha Chip

A delicious mocha flavor with chocolate chips.

Butter Pecan

A butterscotch flavor and whole roasted pecans

July 30


A classic Italian dessert of espresso-flavored custard, ribbons of fudge and ladyfinger morsels

Pecan Toffee

The rich flavor of sweet toffee with crunchy pecan crisps

July 31

Caramel Cashew

Our own caramel with special roasted cashews

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chocolate

Rich, rich, rich.